Your guide to the Development Application process

Building or renovating your home is always exciting. But, the Development Approval process can be overwhelming. That’s why we’ve developed, “Your guide to the Development Application process” To make the pathway to building your home fast and easy. First, it’s important to gather
the right information about your property. You should also talk to your
neighbours early on in the process Relevant specialists can help
you prepare your Development Application. Once you have all your information, the next step is lodging your application
over-the-counter or online at some councils. Council experts will then assess your plans and, if approved, you’ll obtain
your development consent. You’ll also need a construction certificate
before you start building Now, it’s time to get to work on your project! and when it’s complete, move in and celebrate! You can find this guide on
the Department of Planning and Environment’s website Using the guide will make everyone’s
job easier and save you time and money You can now start work on your dream home right away, the first time without any surprises!

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