YouTube Ranking: 3 YouTube Keyword Tools You NEED in 2019!

– In this video, we’re gonna look at the three best YouTube
keyword tools in 2019 and how you can easily use them to grow your YouTube ranking, your video views and subscribers with YouTube SEO. (upbeat music) Hey, it’s Justin Brown
here from Primal Video where we help you amplify your business and brand with video. If you’re new here, make sure you click that Subscribe button and all the links to everything
we mention in this video you can find in the description box below. Let’s jump into it. YouTube SEO, search engine optimization is one of the most consistent and reliable and reproducible ways to get
your content found organically and to get more views and
subscribers on YouTube. Using some simple keyword research tools, you can easily identify high
volume ranking video topics and the exact search terms that your viewers are actually
typing in to find them. So, right now we’re gonna take a look at our picks for the three best YouTube keyword research tools in 2019 and exactly how you can use them to grow you YouTube channel faster. And stick around to the end because I’ll also share
with you a free resource that can easily 10 X your
results with keyword research and YouTube SEO. Okay, so the three tools. Now number one and number
two are kind of related, so I’m gonna cover those
two at the same time. So, the first one we’re
gonna be talking about is the YouTube search bar. Now most people here are probably familiar with that auto fill feature
in the YouTube search bar and how powerful that can be
but before we get into that, we also wanna get tool
number two installed because that’s gonna
supercharge our results here. So, tool number two, you wanna
head to keywords Everywhere and install the plugin. Now this is a plugin that’ll work on both Chrome and Firefox. So, for all of you Safari users, you’ll have to jump across to something better, I
mean, one of the other ones. So, that you’ve got that installed, head back to that search bar, type in your query or your
string of potential keywords and you can see that you’ve
got so much more data there. It’s populating from
Google the search volumes for each of those search terms. So, you can see straightaway
the amount of search traffic those terms have on Google. Now these are specifically
Google search volumes, these aren’t YouTube search volumes and the two of them can
differ a little bit. Both of then are owned by Google and you can easily rank
your videos in Google. We’ve got quite a few videos that are actually ranked
number one in Google just from us looking
at this search traffic and optimizing our videos and keywords accordingly. So, going back to that autofill box and the suggestions in there, these are the exact words that people are typing in, the exact things that
people are searching for for answers to their pains or answers to their questions and this then is the exact wording that we wanna be using in our titles and descriptions and tags. Now when you’re going and
typing in some of these searches or potential topics that you could create for your industry for your niche, then you can also use a wildcard
and it’s the underscore. And what this will do is this
is essentially a placeholder so it’ll tell Google to
fill in the blank for you, so you can use this in
and around those keywords that you’re typing in, around the topic and again, these are things that your potential audience
are actually searching for. It’s also a good idea
to throw in the mix here and to enter into that search
bar some additional modifiers. So, these are words that your
viewers will likely type in to help narrow down to find
the best content for them, so these are words like best, top or easy, these are probably the most popular ones or it could even be something like how to. So, not only is this now
giving you an awesome list or potential topics that
you could create videos on, it’s also showing you the amount of search traffic or search volume for those specific terms. And then obviously you can
gauge which are the ones that you wanna create content around based on those actual suggested topics and how much traffic there is. If you’ve got a topic
that you wanna talk about, there’s not a lot of traffic, then it may not make sense for you to actually create that video. Now pro tip, you can also
assess the search volume and the competition on YouTube by performing a search for a specific term but then
checking the average number of views that’s on the top videos. Now if they’re low, then
there’s unlikely gonna be a lot of traffic for those search
terms but if they’re high, then there’s likely gonna
be a lot of search terms. Now if they’re high and the channel that’s getting those
views is relatively small, so they’re not relying on
their existing subscriber base, then you really could be on to a winner. Tool number three is TubeBuddy. Now you could use something like vidIQ which is very similar. We just find ourselves
mainly using TubeBuddy because it has awesome A/B testing, great channel management and their bulk updating
tools are really powerful. One of the things that
TubeBuddy will give you is a ranking score for
your keyword or key phrase. Now, it’s not always accurate but it can help being the deciding factor, if you’re trying to weigh up a couple of different options. TubeBuddy will also let you see the tags that have been used on any video once you’ve clicked them which is really helpful
to get keyword ideas, especially when the person
knows what they’re doing in ranking their videos. So, this’ll allow you
to go and check the tags that people have used for videos that might be ranking for the topics that you’re looking to rank for. You can also check related suggestions and most used tags for ideas and then use those to circle back around with tools number one and number two. Now if you haven’t used TubeBuddy before, then I’d definitely suggest checking it. It does start with a free plan but on the paid plans, they unlock some awesome functionality like bulk updating text
in your descriptions across your entire channel. A/B testing or split
testing of your thumbnails and there’s a few other
really big time savers in there as well. So, now that you know the best tools to find high-performing video topics and the keywords that you
should use to rank for them, for those of you that really
wanna maximize your results, we’ve put together a
free fast track checklist that steps you through the
key YouTube ranking factors to help you 10 X your results and how to get the most
out of your YouTube SEO and keyword research. To grab your copy, click
the link on screen now and I’ll see you soon.

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