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[MUSIC].>>Cloud Advocate, Amy Boyd is here to show us how
to go from zero to AI in eight minutes in
infuser projects with intelligence. Amy, how are you, my friend?>>I’m good. Thank you.>>We’re actually colleagues. We’re on the AI team
for Cloud Advocacy. We do AI for Cloud Advocacy.>>We try.>>Well, we try to. But she said you can do zero
to AI in eight minutes.>>I believe so.>>So well, let’s do it. Should I start the clock? Who’s going to start the clock out there for us?>>Someone starts a stopwatch,
that’ll be a win.>>Yeah.>>Cool. So I have
an app that I built. It’s a personal thing.>>Okay.>>I go into a shop, I love shopping.>>Of course, we all do.>>Of course, and I realized my online experience for shopping is so different to
my offline experience. So I really wanted
to bring the idea of a wish list to my offline
experience of shopping. So I built an app. Let me show you the
app. I brought props.>>Okay, let’s do it.
Let’s bring the props.>>Pull some props. Here’s a pair of my shoes.>>Those look like they would hurt.>>They do hurt, that’s
why I’m not wearing them.>>All right.>>So I have this app here, and what we’re going to do is, we’re actually just going to take
a quick picture of these shoes.>>Okay.>>What we’ll see is that
the shoes, there we go. The shoes are now
available down here. We give it a real name. So we’ll just sometimes run them, and click the “Send” button.>>Let’s lift it up a
little bit so people can see it. There you go.>>There you go.>>There you go.>>So it’s sending
it off to the Cloud. If the Internet stays with me, what we should get
in a second is that e-mail drops to me because
I’m owned by my e-mail, unfortunately, and we
see that, there we go. So I have this e-mail now.>>Let’s show everybody
the e-mail so they can see.>>It loads and loads, otherwise
you’ll see all my other e-mail.>>Yeah.>>So here we’ll see I got this really quick e-mail
and it’s just saying, I knew I was added to your wardrobe, it’s of shoes if I click the link. What we can see is
that it goes off to my blob storage and we can see the picture of the
shoes that I just took.>>Hey.>>End-to-end, right? The key thing here was that
all of that was with no code.>>Hold on.>>I know, tell me to leave.>>Everyone is like, hold
on that can’t be true. So basically, you took a picture
of a thing because you liked it.>>Yeah.>>Then let’s just say I’m out, I’m like these shoes are lovely. I would love to wear them, and I get a picture of them, and it e-mails me to say
you took a picture of some shoes and then it
stored it somewhere for you.>>Yes. Yeah, so now I can have, whenever in a shop I’m
just like boom boom boom. I’m just taking pictures
of everything I like.>>That’s almost
cheating though, right?>>Well, there are sometimes they’re
a little bit weird about it.>>Look I’m a horrible shopper.>>Yeah.>>When my wife’s like, “Oh,
I really like that,” and then three months later she’s
like, “I told you I like that. Why didn’t you get that for me?”
I’m like, “Oh, should ever.” Now I could use this and be safe.>>That’s right. Think
about your online shopping. I wish-list everything. I’m like, “I like that, but I’m not going to buy it right
now,” and then they send you 10 percent off free delivery,
that’s when you strike.>>Sure.>>Like when the iron is hot. So
the wish-list is just a store, that’s all it is, of all
the things that you like. But I want that when I’m
there in person as well. So I decided I build app for it.>>So let’s get into how you actually build it because
you said no code.>>I said no code.>>We are all going to hold you
to that. All right, let’s do it.>>Okay, cool. So if we have
a take a look at my screen.>>Let’s go to her screen if we can.>>What we can see will
be three services.>>Look up here. Okay, he’s got it.>>One of the services
is Azure Custom Vision. One of them is Azure Logic Apps, and the other one is
Microsoft Power Apps. There are three pieces of glue.>>One more time, so custom vision.>>Custom vision, logic apps.>>Logic apps.>>Power apps.>>Power apps. Okay,
those are the three.>>So this is my Custom Vision. If you’ve ever used it before, what you do is you upload a few
images that you want to recognize, you tag them and then
you train the model. So as you can see, I uploaded lots of images
that I’ve taken in shops as well as
my own wardrobe there.>>Is that literally your own stuff?>>That is literally
everything in my wardrobe.>>Well, you’re very stylish.>>Thanks. But when I
click at “Add” images, I can simply go off, I can see I’ve got all these
dresses here that I want to add. So if I click “Open” what
it’s going to do is, it’s going to come up
and I’m going to add this new tag or this new
category called dress. I’m going to upload that.
Once that’s uploaded, obviously it heads off to the Cloud. Adds it to my training images, the things it wants to limb from and then what we’re
going to be able to do, is we can see all of
those dresses now added. So that’s all the
dresses in my wardrobe.>>Okay.>>All we would do now is click
this “Green train” button. It would go off and create us an iteration of how
accurate it thinks it is. So this is custom vision. This is the easy way to be able to build image classification algorithms with not many images at all and
then actually call it run API.>>True.>>Cool.>>So far no code-.>>No code.>>-on uploaded stuff.>>Yeah.>>We’ve got it now knows about dresses is what you planned and
now we can just call it from API.>>Yeah.>>All right.>>So now we’ve got
the intelligence and the back-ends. What I want to do is I want to
bring in what I deem the glue.>>Okay.>>The process. It’s always process that you need
to be able to do. So what I want to use with
this Azure Logic Apps.>>Okay.>>Logic Apps again has this full GUI Design
F0 UI user interface and what it allows you to do is just build a process block-by-block. So what we do here is we use
something called Event Grid, which basically when I land
an image in a storage account, I can simply send it
off to the Cloud. It would say, “Something’s landed
in your Blob Storage Account. Can you now do something with it.”>>Right.>>So when I take
a picture of these shoes, it lands in my blob storage account. We do some Jason Paulson to get all the information about
what is in blob storage, but then what you’ll see
here is you might recognize this icon from the
Custom Vision Service. We can actually have
a connector where you can connect to
your custom vision account. You can simply put
in your project ID. Then one of the nice things about Logic Apps is everything from above, you’re able to just
search for down here. So I’ve used the URL of
the image but actually, you could use the event time, you could use the ID if you
needed it, or the subject, it doesn’t matter, you can
do anything. Still no code.>>That’s cool.>>Then all I do is, I said I was owned
by my e-mail, right?>>Right.>>What we want to do is
when it makes a prediction, if it’s really confident
when it’s sending to me, I don’t want it to spam me. We all got enough e-mail as it is, but then I’m actually able
to build these really, bespoke my own way of building just a really simple e-mail
that it sends to me the same thing every
time but actually fill in the details from
all the data we’ve got above.>>Holy cow, no code.
Can we give her a hand?>>No code.>>Yeah.>>No code.>>Everyone is like yeah, yeah. Why is everyone so tired today? I feel like, maybe it’s just me.>>Yeah.>>That’s pretty amazing that
you were able to with no code able to build something
mildly useful for me. I’m able to do something, like if my wife says I love this thing I can
take a picture of it and then have a super keen memory about what it is she
likes and doesn’t like. I try to use it, it
worked? She’s like no.>>Oh, no. This is so quick to
put together, like so quick. Even the UI, Microsoft Power
apps, click and drag, pull on a camera, pull on
a blob and then sends off to Blob Storage, it’s so simple. It’s really, really effective, but I actually originated this talk, I built this when I’d
start talking to startups. One of the things I’ve really
wanted to pressure on was, if you build an AI machine
that is of right granted, it takes a long time normally, it does. It’s complex. You need to be thinking about ethics. You need to be thinking
about the projects. But realistically, when
people want to invest in your company or people want
to see something tangible, AI is not potentially just the cleverness or
the intelligence behind it, it is like the whole package, right? So this sort of thing brings
it to life a bit more. Whereas if I just shown
you Custom Vision and we can classify my clothes, would it have been as effective? So if you’re a small business
and you’re trying to show either the first line of your company or margin director or
something like that, then actually this is worth the time, definitely look in doing this.>>That’s really cool. So where can people go to find out how to build? Do you have something
written up for this?>>I do. If you go to ak.ns0-2-AI, you’ll be able to find
a GitHub and it’s got all the instructions on
exactly how I built this. I haven’t given you the images
from my wardrobe, that strange. It’s actually going to classify dogs.>>Nice.>>Everyone likes dogs.>>So ak.ns/0-2-AI. Fantastic. Well, this is amazing. So what advice do you have to
people who are trying to get into this and wanted to get started?>>I was going to say all
of these services granted I have an understanding of machine learning in
a deeper level but realistically, all of these are so easy to get into. The documentation is fantastic
and it’s well worth going, having a look, like
go build this stuff, and so you can’t get it wrong. It’s so simple to just over time just build things
up, add more complexity.>>Fantastic. So where can people
go to find out more because you put out a lot of good stuff and
people may want to follow you?>>Yeah. Feel free to look me on
LinkedIn, follow me on Twitter. I’m Amy Kate Nicho. I tend to post a lot of anything
that I publish or share, and then otherwise just my GitHub, which is Amy Nic. Amy N-I-C.>>Fantastic. Well, she’s
an amazing colleague. I’m pretty excited to work with you. I get to write her code tails
all the time and sometimes even her shoes. All right. We’ll be right
back with a game show. So make sure to stick with us. [MUSIC]

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